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Fix on a computer that will not start or run

Computers are composed of various components that work together to give you the output you want. It is therefore necessary to make sure that all components of computers work properly. Common basic initial problems are

1. power supply failure
2. Keyboard problem
3. the Corrupted software
4. Display settings and damage.
5. RAM error
6. the failure of the hard disk
7. motherboard problems

How to repair it:

1. click the power button on your computer. If it fails to start, check to see whether there is electricity in the contact. Turn on contact. Test your socket operation with another device, such as television or radio. Check if you press the power button on your computer, the power indicator displays. If not, fix or replace the computer's power cable. If power is not yet the Check again whether the power indicator on the motherboard is turned on. If you do not have a problem with your computer's power supply.

2. If your computer screen is turned off. Check the power supply as the computer CPU USAGE above. Try to check the setting on your screen if they are set to be killed. adjust the brightness or change your screen. Make sure the cable is connected to your computer. If it still does not work, connect to another computer.

3. If shows keyboard error messages then connect your keyboard to your computer or try to connect another keyboard. 've specified, restart your computer.

4. Your windows software may be damaged and you cannot start your computer.

You can remove all additional not startup disk on your computer.
Press F8 when your computer starts, and then select last known good configuration, by using the arrow keys.
If you installed new software, then press shift during startup and when windows loaded, remove the software.
You can also start in safe mode by pressing F8 during startup. This will allow you to remove any newly installed software and hardware that is causing the startup problem.
Repair or reinstall your windows software, using the bootable windows software installation disc.
5. RAM or memory failures may be caused by bad RAM. Try again or change your RAM.

6. your hard disk is usually referred to as red or other light indicator. If running the HDD is green. Replace your hard disk or check if the power supply and data cable are connected properly to your hard disk. If not there are bad sectors on your hard disk, and you may need to be replaced or renewed.

7. motherboard errors are difficult to detect, because all computer components are attached to it and it is therefore difficult to issue because it may be due to CPU, memory, graphics card, Board, memory, etc. Usually it gives a discard during start ups. Consult a technician to repair your computer.
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